Global Careers Series Video Launched

The Global Careers Series connects students and graduates from five internationally-minded universities across London with information and resources to help explore careers overseas.

Each event, hosted by a different university, focuses on careers in a specific country or region. The first two events in our series, the focus of this video, look specifically at careers in China and South East Asia.

We look forward to welcoming students at the next installment in the series, hosted by University College London, exploring international careers in the Middle East.

Global Careers Series Launches

The Global Careers Series, a unique collaborative initiative forged by five internationally-minded universities across London, launched this week on King's College London's Waterloo campus.

The series provides students with the opportunity to further their appreciation of the opportunities and challenges associated with working overseas. Each event in the series focuses on working in a different country and/or region.

On the 8th November 2016 over 250 students were welcomed to the inaugural event in the series focused on exploring careers in China.

The panel, moderated by Michael Benson (Global Opportunities Manager at King's College London) fielded questions from the audience on a range of issues, including which industries and sectors in China are experiencing the highest demand for foreign talent, and what steps students and graduates today can take to prepare themselves for a successful career in China.

We were delighted to invite the following panelists to share their experiences with the audience:

  • Sarah Jones, Business Director at Globalink Asia
  • Jason Kan, Europe General Manager at CRCC Asia 
  • Avi Nagel, China Business Advisor at the China-Britain Business Council
  • Dr Sam Beatson, Teaching Fellow at the Lau China Institute, King's College London
  • Piers Wainwright, Student at King's College London

The next event in the series will explore career opportunities in South East Asia. We hope to see many familiar faces at the event next week, introducing a generation of new students to the wealth of opportunities available overseas.

Kind regards,

Global Careers Series Committee